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Colombian Straw marquetry

Enchapado en Tamo (straw marquetry) is a method of decoration developed 400 years ago.

It developed simultaneously in Europe and Latin America and involves applying fine plant fibres onto a base or prepared wood. The fibre strips are mainly from wheat, they are cut lengthways, heated and subsequently flattened.

The craftsman then dyes the fibres using natural pigments or minerals, then the fibres are applied strand by strand onto the base. 


Marqueterie de paille. Artisanat moderne

One piece of straw marquetry (Enchapado de Tamo) can sometimes take about 70 hours to produced, making it one of the lengthiest and most delicate methods of craft decoration in the world.

Enchapado de Tamo frequently resembles a fabric woven from plant fibres and the quality of the finish is seen in the roughness of the surface and variety of colours and motifs.   

The video

Video marqueterie de paille. Nativos